Tumblr lurking

I’ve been a bit of a Tumblr lurker recently. I haven’t been posting much at all, just sort of watching, which makes me sound a bit creepy actually :|

Life’s not really happening at the moment though. At least I’ve got things to do this weekend. Christmas shopping a bit tomorrow & then Jasmine’s eighteenth on Sunday will be good :)

Really tempted to go out for a walk this evening. Even in all the pitch black freezing cold dirty snowness. Mm.


It’s about to get personal, ready?
Hit me.

Does anyone not like you at the moment?
Probably, I wouldn’t know who though.

Will the last person you kissed be the next person you kiss?

When you say you don’t care do you mean it?
Not always, but mostly.

Do you hate it when people smoke around you?
Yeah. I can’t stand it.

Are promises important to you?
Mhm, of course.

Do you have a reason to smile right now?
I have a fair few.

Has anyone put their arms around you in the past 5 days?
Mm, not really.

Do you hate being home alone?
Nope, I hardly ever get the house to myself so I kind of like it when I get it. 

If the person you have feelings for started smoking, what would you do?
It would put me off a bit.

Plan on getting drunk or high tonight?
Not sure. Maybe.

Can you last in a relationship for 6 months?
I can.

Think back in April, how was your life then?
It was alright back then. It’s a bit better now though.

Has anything upset you in the last week?
A bit. 

Who was the last person you texted before bed last night?
My mum.

Where is your biological mother right now?
At Church sorting out things for tomorrow’s Christmas do-da.

Anyone you’re giving up on?

Would you be more likely to fail Science or Math?
Science, physics in particular. I can do maths.

Have you kissed one person more than 20 times in ‘10?
Most definitely not.

If someone liked you right now, would you want them to tell you?
I would indeed.

What are you listening to?
Jack Whitehall, Live At The Apollo.

Anyone you were good friends with, that you no longer get along with?
Mm, I suppose. Really old friends though.

If your best friend said they were running away, what would you do?
Stop them! Or let them stay here.

Have you ever had a best friend who was of the opposite sex?
I’ve got several!

Are you addicted to cigarettes?
I am not.

Someone tells you you’re beautiful, what do you say?
Thank you! Seriously though.

Do you ignore people when you’re mad/upset with them?

Has anyone said you have changed lately?

Did anyone see you kiss the last person you kissed?
I don’t remember. Not that many times though.

Do you get jealous easily?
Mm, can’t say I do.

Have you held hands with anyone in the past two weeks?
Not really.

You’re bored, aren’t you?
I’ve got nothing to do at the moment, but I wouldn’t say I’m bored.

Don’t tell me lies, so is the last person you texted attractive?
No, not really.

Did you have a better day yesterday or today?
Yesterday was good, but today’ll be fun too.

Is anything bugging you right now?
A few things. Mainly college work & revision.

Do you believe everything happens for a reason?
I’m not sure. There’s reason behind some things. Probably all.

Does anyone call you babe or baby, do you like it?
No. I don’t think I would mind it much.

What was your last thought before you went to bed last night? 
Brr, it’s chilly.

Last time you felt like punching someone?
I can’t remember.

What’s on your mind lately?
I really should start revision.

What’s going on with you and the last person you kissed?
Not much veering on absolutely nothing.

Who was the last person to text you?
Well, I can’t say that now.

Are you happy with your life?
I couldn’t complain.

Do you hate the last guy you had a conversation with?
No, he’s my brother.

What were you doing this morning at three?

Perhaps I should be more proactive

Eat, sleep, own

Young & carefree

Seriously, who makes up this stuff?

Spider Solitaire

I think my win percentage on Spider Solitaire is directly & inversely proportional to the amount of life I have :|

My life is just too exciting

Whoa, I can’t handle all this fun.

It is said that your life flashes before your eyes just before you die. That is true, it’s called Life.

Terry Pratchett.

I love the way he uses capital letters.


1. What happened today? If it was the last day of your life, how satisfied would you be with your final hours?

This morning I woke up before my alarm, & was convinced it was wrong because I wasn’t tired. Seemed to have loads of time on my hands, so made coffee & was in a really good mood for a Monday morning. It was downhill from there onwards to be honest, even though not much has happened, but that’d probably why.

2. Who are you? In comparison to who you used to be. What made you change?

I’m GideonPARANOID & I’m more confident than I used to be, but more paranoid. I’m healthier, but not all at the same time too, not sure why. Mental rearranging.

3. Where have you been spending your time lately? Three/Five/Ten years ago would you have expected to be there?

As usual, on the computer. I guess I expected to still be here, the people I know live miles away. I’ve always spent too much time on the computer really.

4. What do you think it means to be in love?  

I don’t think it’s dependence, rather a connection, a bond, between two people. To be honest, I don’t really know. I’d like to know.

5. Pick a song that projects the same mood as your day or week and explain.

Most of the songs I listen to are irrelevant to my life, there’s just not many I can relate to. Probably Marina & The Diamonds - The Outsider at the moment, I always feel like a bit of an outsider.

6. Talk about a recent experience that has effected you greatly and how.

My fragmented memories of a friend’s surprise birthday party on Friday night. From what I remember doing, it makes me feel a bit pathetic.

7. Think of the last person you hugged. What would you do if they vanished completely?

I’d miss her a bit, but not too much. I hope that’s not completely awful to say, she can be a bit annoying at time. 

8. Write about the first moment that comes to your head when you read the words childhood memory?

The gate which which used to be at the top of the stairs to stop us falling down when we were only tiny. We have dangerously steep stairs in my house.

9. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Independent, likely in shedloads of debt [cheers, university] & hopefully with someone.

10. Did you have a good day or a bad day? Where do you think that defining line was?

It was good until I got home at which stage my parents had a go at me for not having opinions on the current situation in Egypt.

11. Do you feel protective over someone?

I do, for my old friends, I guess I want to remember innocent times. I don’t think newer ones are that bothered to be honest.

12. If you could trade places with anyone for one week, who would it be and why?

Tod Howard, Ken Levine or Hideo Kojima, just to see if I actually like their jobs.

13. Where do you see your best friend in 10 years?

I don’t think I have a best friend these days.

14. When you are stressed, what can you use as an outlet? Why do you think it helps you?

I listen to loud music & try to be alone, which is really difficult in my household.

15. What do you believe in? And not just God or atheism.  

I believe in God, & to quote Martin Luther King Junior: wisdom, justice & love.

16. What are you passionate about?

My clothes, food & games.

17. Who was the last person you kissed? [If you are still with them now, pick the person before them.] What would they say if they saw you now?

My ex. It’s been years since I saw her & she’s with someone else these days, I’m not fussed. She’d be okay with me & I’m fine with her.

18. Talk about your extended family. Why do you think they are the way they are?

My family is great. There’s loads of laughs to be had with an evening with the family. I think they’re the way they are because we’re all very much a family.

19. If you could be anywhere in the world, but you had to be there for a certain cause, where would you be and why?

I’d be back in Romania. I know it’s been years since I did missionary work there, but I’ve always wanted to go back. I know there’s so much more work to do.

20. Again, pick a song that projects the mood of your week or day.

I’ve always felt that Linkin Park - Papercut has had a certain relevance to me. That’s why I got a massive poster of it for the ceiling in my room.

21. Look back. Why did you choose this challenge? Do you think it says anything about you?

I just searched challenge on Tumblr, as I needed something to do. I think it says that I don’t have enough things to do, or that I’m awful at sorting out my priorities.

22. How do you think people see you?

Quietish, different & not very sensible.

If dreams mean anything

I’m seriously messed up.

Do not pray for easier lives. Pray to be stronger men.

John F Kennedy.

In this game that we’re playing, we can’t win. Some kinds of failure are better than other kinds, that’s all.

Winston, 1984.

How to make life uncomfortable

Wear a suit, and walk around your neighbourhood shaking hands with people.